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"Ultra-Lo" Hoist Ingersoll Rand - ULM2 Series
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1/4 - 25 Ton Lifting Capacity; Ingersoll Rand's ULM2 and ULM2S have been designed to offer our lowest headroom possible, maximizing lifting capacities for areas with height restrictions.

Meets Specifications
All steel construction for external impact resistance
Forged steel load hooks
Chill-hardened, machine tread trolley wheels with 2 precision bearings per wheel
Swivel trolleys available to travel extremely tight radius, (as tight as 21 feet) for track without sacrificing headroom for capacities up to 6 ton
2 roller thrust bearings used in trolley capacities 3 tons and larger for longer life and reliability
Corrosion resistant zinc plated hand chain


Range Product
- ULM2-015 (1364 Kg)
- ULM2-020 (1818 Kg)
- ULM2-030 (2727 Kg)
- ULM2-040 (3636 Kg)
- ULM2-050 (4545 Kg)
- ULM2-060 (5455 Kg)
- ULM2-080 (7273 Kg)
- ULM2-100 (9091 Kg)
- ULM2-120 (10909 Kg)
- ULM2-160 (14545 Kg)
- ULM2-240 (21818 Kg)
- ULM2-250 (22727 Kg)

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