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SIlver Hoist Ingersoll Rand - SMB Series
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1/2 - 5 metric ton Lifting Capacity; A new design for the modern workplace with safety and performance in mind. Meets or exceeds world specifications including ASME B30.16. A value-packed product with premium features at a great price.

Meets Specifications and HST - 2M standards
Overload Protection to deter and reduce downtime and repair costs resulting from abuse
All steel, low headroom, light weight construction
Self-adjusting disc type double pawl mechanical load brake
Hardened roller bearings for maximum efficiency and durability
4 layer finish of nickel, copper, nickel, and chrome - rugged enough to last
Ideal for the Rental and Construction markets
Hand chain drop is 2 feet less than lift (unless specified)


Range Product
- SMB005 (500 Kg)
- SMB010 (1000 Kg)
- SMB015 (1500 Kg)
- SMB020 (2000 Kg)
- SMB030 (3000 Kg)
- SMB050 (5000 Kg)

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